Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new poem book

hey ya'll well I don't normally write poetry but when i do its like a big pang and I can't stop writing it well last night i wrote 5 and I thought they were pretty good and if you like poetry you should check it out I even made my own cover for it

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

winner xoxomurphyxoxo

hey so as you should know by now is that round 2 has came to an end and who i have chose to win is xoxomurphyxoxo though it was hard to choose i have chosen her bc hers seem to represent and go with the stories just a little bit more and though it was a tough decision i chose hers and these are the 2 covers she won with.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

contest over

hey so yeah all the contest entries for round two are done and they are absolutely ahmazing i think ill have to get a second opinion on them to help which will take the judging time a little slower so the results probably wont be up will Monday or Tuesday but they will be up and if they win it truly means they deserve it best of luck to all the contestants they all made beautiful covers


ok yeah so these are xbieberkiss's entries.


theses are xhitthelights contest entries

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ashwaters story

hey ya'll so I have been co writing with my friend Ashley and we made a wattpad in hopes that people would want to read our story its called shadow wishes atm our cover is a little funky (but still good) but we just got a new one and i think it is absolutely ahmazing cover art was done by xoxomurphyxoxo we have the first chapter up if you want to go find it well have the second one up soon like after break or so the one above is the new cover <3 love ya'll dont forget to read comment vote fan have a merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

new upload!!!

omg i know i have been so slow on updating latley but i finally uploaded chapter 8 of iilwaw so yeah not a long post but you get the idea

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

round 2 tasks

ok hey all ya winners if your reading that that means your covers were amazing enough to get you to round 2 which had to have been tough because i had a tough time for judging but any ways the round 2 task is to design a cover for spoken which was the first story i posted on wattpad now it has an ahmzing cover already but its old and just doesn't fit to the story so that's where you come in now i hope your good at research and asking questions bc i was thinking instead of me describing it it would be better if you got the feel of it yourself bc i am not good at describing my own stories besides its supposed to be tougher then round 1 but if you made it here i'm sure you can handle it the contest will end when i have either all or a majority of the submissions in or by thurs which ever one is last. so good luck y'all btw just either set a link in a comment here, pm me or leave a msg on my wall whichever works best for you.
and i know i probably seem annoying to you guys by now since y'all dont even know me and im making you do this but i need to be sure im picking the right one and i want to be fair and not judge on what might not even be your best work ( ps that doesnt mean you have to read my story it just means maybe look for charecter dec or read the description or whatever its called)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Stories, Recent Updates, and Apologies!

         Ok, so first of all sorry I haven't updated this in so long. Second of all I have updated all of my stories. Third I am on chapter 15 of Spoken so where ever I stopped updating my blog about it. Forth I am now on chapter 7 of I'm In Love With A Werewolf, and fifth I have added what I think like 2 new stories up Shadow Angel, Angels Never Lie.
         So I know that you guys might now care but I have a cover artist contest going on until Monday so if you want to join it here's the link. By the way if you read this at all and check out my stories comment below I hope you like my stories.
Peace out,
                                  Deanna Petrie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

new story and updated

Ok so i haven't really blogged about this story at least I don't remember doing it so if I did your gonna hear about it again I posted a new story called one door closed I only have the first chapter up but that's because I've been busy with spoken and I'm in love with a werewolf which spoken is now up to chapter 13 and i'm working on updating I'm in love with a werewolf so hope you check them out here's the link to One door closed hope you check it out

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

updated and new covers

ok so finally i updated i'm in love with a werewolf i had an awful writing block so i finally posted chapter 5 its short but its a chapter i got a new cover for antashia and one door closed but have a contest going on at the moment so you want a chance to make the cover for it heres the link
hope you enter

Friday, July 29, 2011

cover to the new story

hey every one well i got a way better cover then i had thanks to help-me-think-of-one i dedicated the chapter to her but i want to dedicate it to more then one person so thanks to Parker for his inspiration (idk what inspiration but thanks)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

new story

i posted a new story today its called "i'm in love with a werewolf" its going to be a new series of mine i hope you read it and like it dont be afraid to comment and i dare you to fan

on the rise

hey again my story has now moved up on the list thanks to every one who has read and voted it is now #110 on the paranormal list and #369 on the wattyawards so to every one who has been reading my blog and  my story i hope you read more and like my story i will try to be updating more but i  just started a new story so i have to work on it a lil bit its called im in love with a werewolf

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back on, update, recomendation

hey every one my story is back on yeah im so happy i just entered it in the watty awards 2011 so hopefully it will have good luck wish me luck and read my story oh and i have just posted chapter 9 its a mix of povs i had hoped for it to be longer but to no avail im debating on wether or not to post my really long story on wattpad its still got to be typed and worked on the sequal oh and i now recommend 2 stories on wattpad dont judge a girl by her beauty by ily4eva and disguise by omgttylttyn

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my story spoken is off the list

hey every one who has been reading my blog or are first timers well my story almost since I posted my story spoken it has been on the paranormal list it was even on the romance list for a time but that didn't really last long I was told i needed to update well i have been and now its off people who have been reading my story have been saying it is very good  so any one who reads my blog if you could read my story on wattpad that would be really great its a paranormal romance story i am now working on chapter 9 of it hoping its gonna be a great chapter but it cant beat chapter 8 so it will probably just short of that not as many twist though but I hope it will be longer. so lets try to get it back on the list!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

new writer i suggest

hey ya'll i have a new suggestion for you to read on wattpad her user name is Neveah-JaneHarlow. She has 2 stories out she is super nice and has fanned my story so if you could check her out i would highly recommend it. her link is

Thursday, July 21, 2011

new chapter

i just uploaded a new chapter of spoken chapter 8 is filed with twists you'll never see whats coming next. where is Stephen is he dead or is he hidden. will May be able to get out or will it just be to hard, and have any of you figured out what the way for Ryan to stay out of hell is and why hes keeping it hidden.

my story in the working (spoken)

hey okay so i have got my story up so far I'm finished with chapter 7 I'm working on chapter 8.
Spoken is about a girl in love with a vampire but when her brother gets in trouble she pays the ultimate price but the choice she makes can change her fate.
 okay ha ha i don't know that my description is quite accurate but it is a paranormal romance story I'm gonna add the link and cover  you should check it out

The Mortal Instruments series (review)

This series in my opinion is one of the best i have read so far i feel like its some thing that just isn't done to much and not so cliche. i had originally gotten it as a present for my 13th Christmas and birthday. i was hooked i would spend up to 5 hours on end reading it without stopping i was engrossed in a world of Cassandra Clare's making. i would give this a total of 5 out of 5 stars.
this series includes
the city of bones
the city of ashes
the city of glass
the city of fallen angels
and more to come

What I'm about.

hi everyone im newer ( I've used it before but not much) to blogger and i just wanted to give the gist of what my blog is gonna be about.
1.) updates on my stories.
2.) stories i recommend 
3.) my reviews on stories i read