Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What i Do Best

hey yall quick update i posted my new story what i do best
olivia is a liar so much so she doesn't even realize shes doing it shes got the mystery guy from her basic book of desires but she has to keep him through lies and deciete but is this one sided or has she entered a game she cant win? she may think shes the only one playing but everyone knows it takes two to tango, but when the game gets dangerous she'll need the people around her that can decipher her lies into truth.
you all are ahmazing go like vote or fan maybe a comment
thanks so much for reading

Thursday, February 2, 2012


today i was checking out my wattpad and gw my story loves melody is on both lists for the catergories it is in and now has 70 reads as well as im starting another book i know your probably thinking omg deanna really another book but im not posting this for a whle bc i really do need to work on some of my other stories first so yeah the new ones called what i do best the cover is ahmazing and i want to thank everyone whos read loves melody you guys are all the best!! by the way heres the link