Thursday, July 12, 2012

chapter 15 and a few apologize

i updated love's melody and i know i havent updated this blog in a while so it is now chapter 15 i wont be posting a link becasue i am not home at the moment but ii just want to apologize for not ever updating my blog so yeah there is a new blog post

Saturday, April 14, 2012

chapter 7 and 8 already??!!

so yeah as the title of this post stated i have chapter 7 and 8 already up so please please please go check those out i'm currently putting all of my stories except love's melody on hold because i plan on adding that to watty awards so yeah please don't forget to vote.

Friday, March 16, 2012

new stories new covers and new plots

hey yall so yeah i havent updated in like forever so naturaly i have alot to update you about. first off i published 2 new stories What I Do Best, and Denying Forever. Well i posted both of these and they both have amazing covers but i cant post them because im at school so youll have to check it out yourself. second i started a new account along with my old the user name is lovablemess s yeah go check that out please. 3rd and most important is i am going to enter my story loves melody into the watty awards so go check that out
but yeah ill post the links below as well as links that are now broken because i moved them
the 3 stories i moved are antashia angel cross breed and now and forever so click the link abover to get to the page
i alos forgot if you check out loves melody i kinda changed the plot and made i a little more intense

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What i Do Best

hey yall quick update i posted my new story what i do best
olivia is a liar so much so she doesn't even realize shes doing it shes got the mystery guy from her basic book of desires but she has to keep him through lies and deciete but is this one sided or has she entered a game she cant win? she may think shes the only one playing but everyone knows it takes two to tango, but when the game gets dangerous she'll need the people around her that can decipher her lies into truth.
you all are ahmazing go like vote or fan maybe a comment
thanks so much for reading

Thursday, February 2, 2012


today i was checking out my wattpad and gw my story loves melody is on both lists for the catergories it is in and now has 70 reads as well as im starting another book i know your probably thinking omg deanna really another book but im not posting this for a whle bc i really do need to work on some of my other stories first so yeah the new ones called what i do best the cover is ahmazing and i want to thank everyone whos read loves melody you guys are all the best!! by the way heres the link

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new chapter!!!

i know i just posted a chapter and a new story in the same day as in on sat but... i just posted the second chapter of loves melody. yeah i love writing this story and right now I'm working on leave it to Ashlin so yeah keep an eye out for that too. links below

Saturday, January 28, 2012

updated and posted

hey every one its me again i posted shadow angel chapter 4 and loves melody so yeah go head and check them out i plan on updating a few other stories so be on the look out for them but here's the links for the stories that i updated and posted today