Monday, December 12, 2011

round 2 tasks

ok hey all ya winners if your reading that that means your covers were amazing enough to get you to round 2 which had to have been tough because i had a tough time for judging but any ways the round 2 task is to design a cover for spoken which was the first story i posted on wattpad now it has an ahmzing cover already but its old and just doesn't fit to the story so that's where you come in now i hope your good at research and asking questions bc i was thinking instead of me describing it it would be better if you got the feel of it yourself bc i am not good at describing my own stories besides its supposed to be tougher then round 1 but if you made it here i'm sure you can handle it the contest will end when i have either all or a majority of the submissions in or by thurs which ever one is last. so good luck y'all btw just either set a link in a comment here, pm me or leave a msg on my wall whichever works best for you.
and i know i probably seem annoying to you guys by now since y'all dont even know me and im making you do this but i need to be sure im picking the right one and i want to be fair and not judge on what might not even be your best work ( ps that doesnt mean you have to read my story it just means maybe look for charecter dec or read the description or whatever its called)

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